Throwback Thursday: Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in the Monaco GP in 1990

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2013 Belgian Grand Prix

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Alonso & Schumacher

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Lewis Hamilton

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summer break meme | day 5: the best of the drivers’ press conference

6. Kimi, did you have any temptation to go to drive the simulator to get better settings for you? 

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Las mejores imágenes en la Temporada 2014 de la Formula Uno

Clicks en el Gran Premio de Hungría 2014:

Daniel Ricciardo - Infiniti Red Bull Racing - Ganador

Best images in the Formula One Season 2014

Clicks in the Hungarian Grand Prix 2014: 

Daniel Ricciardo - Infiniti Red Bull Racing - Winner

Imágenes Cortesía: AP/AFP

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Daniil Kvyat | German GP, 2014

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During the 30th anniversary of this crash in 2006,Niki Lauda went back to the accident scene where he just narrowly escaped death.Some suprised fan asked what he was doing and the reply is “Looking for my ear”.


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British Grand Prix

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  • Fernando during the race: HE PASSED TRACK LIMITS!!!!!!!
  • Seb during the race: HE GAVE ME NO SPACE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fernando post-race: wtf are you talking about, everything is fine here
  • Seb post-race: what? nothing happened...


Ayrton Senna McLaren - Honda Mexico 1989

Ecclestone doesn’t only wants to get rid of Monza, but also of the small teams, and allow a 3rd car for the big teams. Monza, Spa, Monaco and 2 cars per team are the basic idea of Formula 1, if any of those change nothing good can come